A Unique College Selection Process
We can work together to create a positive college search experience!
I can assist you with every aspect of college selection, including the application process, financial aid, timeline planning and more.

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The thought of the college selection and application process can be stressful and overwhelming for students and their families.
You may ask yourself, where do I begin? Volumes of information are pouring in from colleges, high school counselors, friends, relatives, neighbors, newspapers, and magazines. How do you determine what is important and where you should be headed? A High school counselor may be able to provide assistance, but they can be inundated with students’ questions, concerns, and fears as well. Finding the right college is an important and exciting decision and you deserve some help! My goal is to provide guidance to students and their families that will enhance the college selection process and lead to a positive transition from high school to college.


This is also a time when students are going through many changes. They are dealing with new feelings, pressure, excitement, and nerves. As a college counselor, I provide personal help to ease this situation. Whether it is finding the right school, planning visits and interviews, assisting with applications and financial aid, or any other concerns you may have, I can ensure that working together we will find the best fit.


In short, there are many variables to consider in the college search and my job is to create a joyful and exciting process to find the right path for each individual.