A Unique College Selection Process
We can work together to create a positive college search experience!
I can assist you with every aspect of college selection, including the application process, financial aid, timeline planning and more.

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Get to know you! I want to create a stress free environment in which both parent and student can communicate their goals and objectives. We can create action plans to help guide students through high school (curriculum pathways, extra curricular activities, or athletics). Through personal discussions we can identify personal and academic strengths
to help guide us through the college search. Students with special needs or special circumstances can receive individualized attention to best determine how their needs
can be met.


College Search After determining a student’s academic strengths and goals we can begin to narrow down college choices. A list of safe, target, and reach schools will be created. Also discussion about campus visits, interviews, and how to prepare for these will be included.


Application Process Once we have narrowed down and found the right choices for you we can begin the application process. This will consist of helping with applications, essays, recommendations, and any other necessary forms. One of the most important aspects of this is staying organized. I will be able to help keep you organized and ensure that all necessary documents are turned in when necessary.


Essay Editing The college essay is a key component to letting a school know you. Writing essays and discussing yourself can be a difficult task. We will meet to make sure that your best work is being shown to the colleges you are interested in.


Financial Aid Financial Aid can be one of the most overwhelming components of the college process. I can guide you through the many options available to you, help complete the FAFSA, and make sure that all deadlines are being met. I will also help to find and complete any scholarships that may be out there for each student.


Decision Making Now that all of the paper work is in and you have been accepted… what school is the right choice for you? We can discuss your options and help determine the right fit for you!

Each family is unique and I am willing to modify my services based on your needs. We can work together to create a positive college search experience!