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It does not matter if you are a freshman or a senior…it is never too early to begin your college process. Below are some recommendations for beginning your college search process.


Freshman Year

I’m in ninth grade now what? As you enter your freshman year realize that now is the time to begin planning for your future. Remember, the grades earned in ninth grade are now part of your official high school transcript.



Sophomore Year

Am I already a sophomore? You are now entering your sophomore year, and you may want to start thinking about college requirements as you plan your courses. Don’t forget to sign up and take the PSAT.



Junior Year

A junior already, oh no! Junior year is an important year in the college process. The most important aspects are staying organized and informed. Don’t be scared to ask questions! It is now time to plan and take any standardized tests, attend college fairs, and begin to create a list of schools you may be interested in. You may even want to begin planning some college visits.


Senior Year

Finally! The big year has arrived! Senior year is a time of many emotions. You are making many decisions, waiting to hear from schools, saying goodbye to friends, and working hard to maintain your grades. Again, don’t forget to stay organized and informed! You should develop a firm plan of where you are applying, attend campus tours, and take any standardized tests. You also need to stay organized with your applications, deadlines, essays, and recommendations. Complete any financial aid forms, scholarships, and any other necessary paperwork. The more organized you are… the easier the process.